Lean and Six Sigma is a perfect match to have a powerful performance exam...

To know about and recognice flow os one part. To be able to identify and handle needed improvements is another part. The Lean Six Sigma program give you a very powerful tool to be able to sucessfully solve all types of production/performance related problems. This training fits you perfectly - right away -  if you are working within:

- Production

- Service

- Purchase (supplier development)


You will recognize the DMAIC work structure and tools like:

- 7 quality tools - Flow - Std work
- 7 mgm tools - SPC - Process mapping


Lean Six Sigma is leading to the edge of improvementwork!

In this training you learn to see differently. You will se a difference on a structured way of work vs. a guessing and shortcutting way of work. There is endless examples of projects were we - thanks to- a structured approach find explanations noone dreamed about. Lets start solving the problems once and for all!


Common Trainings in Lean Six Sigma (LSS)

Trainings in Lean can ofcourse be customized after your needs but some common designs are:

- LSS Intro, (White belt) 1 day               (see  Training calendar open trainings only in Swedish)

- LSS Yellow Belt 4 days                        (see  Training calendar open trainings only in Swedish)

- LSS Green Belt 10 days                       (see  Training calendar open trainings only in Swedish)

- LSS Black Belt 20 days                         (see  Training calendar open trainings only in Swedish)


When we support you in starting a Lean Six Sigma Culture we also use a number of specific trainings to key persons in the organization.


Please contact us and explain your thinking and we will provide you with a specification and a quotation if you want!