Lean Product Development is the third wave of LEAN

Lean Product Development (LPD) is something new. Very few organisations heve adressed this and this is definetly a change in paradigm for developers. This is not the traditional, well known Lean this takes some digesting...

- Flow

- Waste

- Knowledge based Development vs. Stage gate planning

and tools like:

- Set based - Knowledge gap - Visual management
- LAMDA - Levelled planning - Trade of curves
- Noice - Value Stream Mapping - Limit curves


To know about Lean Production is today mandatory when making goods!

Inspite we have been producing stuff industrialwise for almost 100 years there is still alot of missthinking out there. We think we work in the most effective way but when we  learn LEAN we find there is more money to make. We can almost always reduce leadtimes and inventory while using less working hours - and still have our staff to enjoy more! Going from idividual effectiveness to flow effectiveness bring lots of benefits.


Common Trainings in Lean Product Development

Trainings in Lean can ofcourse be customized after your needs but some common designs are:

- LPD Teaser, 1/2 day

- LPD Intro 1 day

- LPD Basic 3 days


Good to know before training

This is a perfect match for OEM business. If you are lego- or contrac- manufacturer this will not be too easy to apply, but it will absolutely be an interesting training - just to know what it is and where business will go towards.

Please contact us and explain your thinking and we will provide you with a specification and a quotation if you want!