Logistics control flow of material

Logistics is one of the strategic sucess factors since a number of years. ILENIOs Logistics Training help you to reach the next level of material flow!


Some of the tools we adress in Logistics course are:

- Flow of material - Safety store dimensioning - Inventory strategy
- Value stream mapping - Flexibility calculation - Component classification
- Batch size - Economical Order Quantity - Supplier development
- Kan Ban - Service levels - Du Pont


Inventory turnover is the result of your Logistic setup

And more than that - Inventory is one of the most effective ways to improve on your return on investment performance indicators. Don't believe it? - sign up fot our training and get a grip on how it all comes together!


Common Trainings in Logistics

Trainings in Logistics can ofcourse be customized after your needs but some common designs are:

- Logistics Basic 1 day

- Logistics for Planner, 3 days

- Logistics for Purchaser 4 days


Please contact us and explain your thinking and we will provide you with a specification and a quotation if you want!