Lean Administration adress areas like: IT, Project office, Purchase, HR, Finance, Quality...

As always lean is basically the same thing but in different circumstances. You will still recognize expressions like:



... but when comming to the tools - there are some other tools that get more of the focus. These are tools like:

- Visual management - Continuous improvements - Teamwork
- Standardized work - Levelled planning - One piece flow
- Tact time - Value Stream Mapping - FIFO


Lean Administrartion will put you ahead of your competitors...

Few administrative/service organizations have yet got a good grasp of efficient flow. Lean is not new - but there is still a lot to learn within administration. Part of the problem is that majority of examples come from manufacturing - ILENIO is changing that. When you attend our training you will truly understand the potential of this way of working.


Common Trainings in Lean Administration

Trainings in Lean Administration can of course be customized after your needs but some common designs are:

- LEAN Administration Teaser, 1/2 day

- LEAN Administration Intro 1 day

- Lean Administration Basic 3 days

- Lean Administration Advanced 8 days



Please contact us and explain your thinking and we will provide you with a specification and a quotation if you want!