Effective and Popular Trainingprograms

   ILENIO has great experiense delivering trainingprograms to all levels of business.


Of course we will help you!

The most common way of support is were we help you to introduce a new way of working. We then visit you/each group some day every week and help to solve the every day problems that occured. The level of support depends on what we are trying to accomplish together. In some cases we are following a very structured schedule with specific topics to handle day by day - and in some other case we just show up, to support you with our experience and competence.


Mentoring programs

Who would't like to have an experienced mentor? Imagine someone who have similar relevant experiences, have been there before and who on the top of this, have time for you!

Please call us to discuss how we can help. Of course we dont have experience from everything - but when it comes to performace, peronell and team issues we have a lot to consider. Let us see if we can make a good match for your needs.


Fixed cost every month

Make sure you know what to expect. Assignments on longer terms can be assigned to a fixed cost setup.


Common Support

- Introducing new way of work - often some day each week

- Analysing or prestudy. Could be to find out improvement scope or expected results - often a few days

- Resource with competence/expert - participating in project group or steering group as a specialist - scheduled meetings.

- Resource with competence/expert - to carry out some specific task, analyze och calculation.

- Coach/Mentor - Coaching a person or a team who could benefit from additional experience

- Project leader -  several days each week

- Temporary manager - several days each week       


Giva us a call ... we know some interesting people!


Please contact us and explain your thinking and we will provide you with a specification and a quotation if you want!