Welcome to ILENIO.


ILENIO has extensive experience working with modern flow and performance issues both in manufacturing organizations and service organizations. We continuously support a number of companies in this kind of improvement at different levels. We practice exclusively systematic approach and modern flow tools to identify, describe and improve organizational performance.

ILENIO are specialized in modern organizational development in the production of goods or services. We all have practical experience of extensive development in our previous organizations and we are praised for our ability to communicate with different types of people.

The foundation of our business is based on the philosophies and ideas from LEAN Production and the Toyota Production System as well as the working and improving structure offered by Six Sigma methodologies. We have a popular structure for combining LEAN with the most advanced applications of high-level quality and improvement models such as PDCA and DMAIC.

Besides practical organization and performance development ILENIO deliver very popular courses in LEAN, Logistics and Quality Engineering/SixSigma. The courses are usually customized.

ILENIO has offices i Stockholm, Linköping and Kalmar. We are delivering development to Nordic customers worldwide.



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